Hokey Pokies is brilliantly written and lovingly curated by Brian Nash, who is awesome in every way.*
Hokey Pokies - doing what I love..Yup, that’s me. I’ve been playing pokies since I was legally able to** and I’ve often wondered what on earth goes through the heads of some of the people who create these games. Whether it’s deliberately creating 80’s graphics, music that seems like a grabby-machine on crack, or even payouts so small you could make better money pawning those little plastic cups you get next to the water cooler at the dentist… some pokies are just downright hokey!

So that’s why I’ve decided to make this website. Because let’s face it, online pokies are even worse than the ones at the bar, because they have the POTENTIAL to be so much better!
In this day and age anyone could make an animated movie like Monsters Inc on their laptop and yet there are still cheesy pixilated graphics on a lot of pokies. You can create a club-mix song on your Mac in five minutes, yet the music on some pokies is so shocking you wonder if the developer just taped himself learning how to play the recorder for the first time and looped it. So that’s my motivation for making hokey pokies – a sense of righteous indignation on behalf of gamblers who deserve to be entertained!

*But is perhaps not entirely unbiased when it comes to writing their own autobiography.
** And not a second before. Hear that, kids? Get back to your Pokemon cards.